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Residential & Light Commercial Construction Loans

Lenders • Borrowers • Builders • Inspectors
Title Firms • Mechanics Lien Agents

All in real time.

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How QuickBankDraw helps Bankers:

QuickBankDraw will increase the productivity of your employees.

Payroll savings alone will more than pay for the annual subscription fee.

Risk Managers will reduce over-funding problems.

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How QuickBankDraw helps Inspectors:

QuickBankDraw offers Inspectors a mobile paperless solution for conducting construction draw inspections.

We provide a list of QuickBankDraw member Inspectors to all our Banking members.

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How QuickBankDraw helps Borrowers & Builders:

QuickBankDraw gives Borrowers & Builders the ability to initiate draws online for their projects.

View draw status, inspection results and inspection photos in real-time.

Respond to problems immediately.

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How QuickBankDraw helps Appraisers:

QuickBankDraw offers appraisers an alternative to the Service Company Business Model.

Deal directly with your customers — efficiently.

We maintain a list of Local Qualified Appraisers to assist our banking members.

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How QuickBankDraw helps Title Firms:

QuickBankDraw provides Title Firms an automated construction loan servicing system.

Get realtime access to the project information you need quickly and easily.

We also provide a list of Local Title Agents to assist our member banks.

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How QuickBankDraw helps Mechanics Lien Agents:

QuickBankDraw provides Mechanics Lien Agents online realtime access to Project Records, Inspection Reports, and Draw Disbursement Records.

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